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High Pressure Cleaning and Deburring

Sustainable I Economical I Efficient

The problem with high pressure cleaning and deburring systems

Hochdruckreinigen- und entgraten

In the automotive, electronics, and medical technology industries, the demands for parts and components which are free of burr and particle is continuously increasing.

High-pressure deburring and cleaning systems are used for complex components such as aluminum die castings, gear and clutch housings or valves. In this process, water or water mixtures are directed at high pressure onto or into the workpieces to remove burrs, chips and other contaminants. In such systems sections for drying are often integrated in addition to the deburring and cleaning sections In industrial parts cleaning, 70 to 90 % of all cleaning tasks are performed with wet media. Aqueous media are "the strong cleaners" with a more complex liquid treatment, but with a wide variety of applications.

These high standards are increasingly forcing suppliers to establish more efficient and reliable cleaning processes. However, at the same time treatment and disposal costs for wastewater are rising which cause the pressure to implement environmentally friendly and wastewater-saving technologies and processes.

Advantages of the HP-System

Eliminating biocides that are harmful to the environment

Effective reduction of viruses, algae, germs and bacteria (Legionella)

Removal of existing and prevention of new biofilm

Lower operating costs, e.g. reduction of biocides and cleaning costs

Increased safety for employees and the company and population (VDI Guideline 2047-2)

Reduction of contaminated wastewater

Longer machine runtimes

Dosing of tensides can be reduced

Bath lifetimes can bei increased

Significantly improved washing and drying performance

Cost savings in fresh water, wastewater disposal, tensides

Very low maintenance effort and costs

The solution for the following industries:

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