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Fluid Dynamic Technology

Sustainable I Economical I Efficient

The HP system with the "fluid-dynamic technology"

  • Provides an innovative way to clean polluted and microbiologically contaminated fluids and liquids
  • Water is kept sanitized and thus reliably and durably shielded from any recontamination not needing any chemical addition or the use of radiation methods.
  • In an ecologically responsible, sustainable and economically reasonable way.
  • Is a low-maintenance, robust and environmentally friendly process.
  • That has already been successfully introduced in the industrial use.


  • Like any other life form, have a cell pressure (internal pressure) that usually corresponds to the barometric air pressure. If they are exposed to a negative pressure or to a vacuum, they burst and die.

Operating principle of hydro-physical water treatment

Function – Sanitizing

  • Liquid is forced into the reactor at > 6 bar by a pump
  • Due to the special design of the reactor, the liquid is accelerated significantly
  • The liquid flows through the cavitation, venturi and redox zones in the reactor
  • Microorganisms, such as Legionella, are mechanically split and destroyed by the immense shear forces and the high pressure differences of +6.0 bar to -1.0 bar.

Function - "dissolve" dead biomass

  • Oxygen completely oxidizes the destroyed cell material. No dead biomass accumulation in the system
Das HP-System

Function - removal and prevention of biofilm

  • The water becomes physically "thinner" as a result of the treatment. The surface tension is reduced.
  • Existing biological deposits, such as biofilm, are under-washed and removed
  • Formation of new Biofilm ones will be prevented
Das HP-System

Function - Increased cleaning and drying capacity

  • The cleaning effect of washing and the drying performance is significantly increased by the reduced surface tension of the fluid.

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Water is one of our most precious resources. But it is not available in unlimited quantities. Therefore, keeping water clean - in a way that is as environmentally friendly as it is economically viable - will become increasingly important in the future.



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